A mobile device which will facilitate a disabled or sick individual to move about is identified as a wheelchair. This mechanism resembles a chair which is mounted upon an array of wheels and is propelled either by way of electricity or manually. Wheelchairs permit a handicapped person to travel around without the assistance of another individual. Those wheelchairs which are driven electronically are frequently referred to as an electric wheelchair.

The heart of the electric wheelchair is the motor. They are adept at being employed either outdoors or indoors and come with a $1,500 dollar price tag. Depending upon the users inclinations there are quite a few categories of wheelchairs accessible in today’s market. There are several central features which should be carefully reflected upon when selecting a personal wheelchair. Due care must be extended in regards to the size and the weight of the individual who will be using the chair, whether it is to be used in both an indoor as well as a outdoor environment, the chosen chairs rated weight capacity, its power source, any warranty related issues and of course the cost.

Due to a variety of ailments many people who experience no means of mobility or comprise limited movement will use electric wheelchairs. Several motives why people would utilize an electric wheelchair are because of paralysis, old age, weight problems, weak or broken bones, degenerative muscle diseases or supplementary illnesses which preclude normal movement. Most electric wheelchairs are straightforward in use due to their battery power and undemanding joystick control. They are highly maneuverable and can rotate a full 360 degrees. They are silent in their operation however they do necessitate additional maintenance as compared to manual wheelchairs.

With the advances currently being made in technology, the wheelchairs are being designed and built in accordance with the potential users special requirements. These newer designs include spring suspension, hydraulic systems and pneumatic wheels all of which tend to increase the chairs durability and strength.

There are essentially three basic kinds of electric wheelchairs in use:

Rear wheel driven chairs:

The rear wheel driven chairs symbolize the most widespread and traditional of the wheelchairs. They are noticeably faster then the front-wheel versions but not nearly as flexible when turning as one would have with the mid or front wheel drive units.

Front wheel driven chairs:

The front wheel driven chairs are quickly becoming the popular choice because they offer more maneuverability and are more flexible although they are slower as a result of these features.

The last of the basic types of chairs are the mid wheel driven units:

These mid wheel driven chairs feature the best turning ratio of all the chair styles, however, they do tend to be a bit on the unsteady side when starting and stopping.

There are other varieties of chairs based upon weight, and they ranging from the ultra lightweight up to the heavy duty chairs, the related transport chairs, the tilt in space chairs, those with an elevated seat, ones that would be used in rough terrain and the pediatric wheelchairs used by the children.

In addition to the various features found in the operation department of the wheelchairs you are presented with an abundance of further alternatives for your wheelchair. The frame itself may be foldable or not or the front wheels may be free wheeling or rigid. There are various choices available for both the armrests and the feet pegs which can include either being detachable, elevated or swing away. They can also be customizable for both height and angle.

I have presented you with only a start for the selection of a wheelchair which will suit your needs. Additional considerations should include the dimensions for the chair’s backrest as well as its ability to recline, you can select from a variety of dimensions and various upholstery designs for the chair’s seats, an automatic or a hand brake, the types of controls, curb climber features and even the installation of lights. Other options may include trays, crutch holders, safety seat belts, drink holders, bags and anti-tip safety bars.

Options for Electric Wheelchairs

With the development of the modern wheelchair many handicapped people has experienced a change in their lives. The introduction of the wheelchair contributed to a positive level of independent living for those people who were previously restricted in their independent movement. When we investigate the various wheelchairs we can break down the types as either electric or manual driven.

With a manual wheelchair the means of propulsion is by way of round steel tubes placed alongside the wheels. The individual would push these hand rims to provide movement of the chair. The electric wheelchairs are usually heavier then their manual counterparts as they must be more stable and stronger in order to hold the batteries and the motor.

The amount of sophistication which appears in today’s modern electric wheelchairs varies significantly from the simple standard batteries employing a joy-stick controller to that of the microprocessor and robotic type circuitry which allows a wheelchair to elevate upon two wheels. Owing to the wide sophistication levels involved in electric wheelchairs it is understandable that their price will vary widely also. A manual style wheelchair initially costs around $2000 and works its way up to a massive $30,000.

It stands to reason that the higher in sophistication level one goes in a wheelchair that the higher the cost. To most people who acquire an electric wheelchair its average cost ranges around $7,000. It is important to remember that when the time arrives to purchase a wheelchair that you select only a trustworthy brand from a fully licensed dealer to ensure that you receive full coverage in the event your new wheelchair will need servicing or maintenance. It is not prudent to procure a used electric wheelchair as they may contain hidden damages such as broken frames, defective motors or deteriorated batteries.

Wheelchairs are offered with diverse modes for propelling them:

The rear-wheel driven chair:

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This type of chair is the most widespread drive method in use with electric wheelchairs. Although the drive type is fast it makes turning of the chair a bit difficult.

The mid Wheel Driven chair:

With this chair the turning is very suitable although stopping and starting abruptly can create an unstable condition.

As with any other major purchase there are many options available and you should take your time and fully shop around. Request product information on the chairs you are interested in and compare each of the units. The more detailed information you have at your disposal the better you will be at making an intelligent selection.

Medicare and the Purchase of Electric Wheelchairs

When it comes to the purchase of electric wheelchairs due to the cost involved the decision can be most difficult to make. There is some hope since in most cases Medicare will usually cover eighty percent of the associated wheelchair cost. If you happen to have a secondary insurance provider they in turn will generally cover the remainder of the cost.

In order to acquire Medicare for your electric wheelchair purchase there are specific guidelines which must be followed.

First and foremost is that a persons condition must be such that they require a scooter or a wheelchair if mobility is to be obtained.

The individual cannot maneuver a manual type wheelchair and hence an electric scooter or wheelchair would be required.

The person must be competent in safely operating the scooter or wheelchair controls.

The individual must be able to safely transfer to and from the scooter or wheelchair.

The person should have adequate trunk stability for safely riding a scooter or wheelchair.

The individual certifies that they have not purchased a scooter or wheelchair within eh last five years and received reimbursement for their purchase.

Medicare must be their primary insurance carrier involved in the filing of the initial claim.

Should Medicare have covered a previous purchase of a manually operated wheelchair then that chair must be turned back into the company in order to place a claim with Medicare for the expenditure of the electric wheelchair.

After carefully screening and determining that you meet all the above criteria then the person who is requesting Medicare support should promptly supply a portrayal of the patient’s limitations in support of their medical necessity, the patient’s diagnosis. All the above should be on the physician’s letterhead as well as any other supporting documentation. It is important to keep in mind that the recommendation for the scooter or wheelchair must be made by an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, and rheumatologist or by a rehabilitation specialist.

As we have previously mentioned, Medicare will reimburse up to 80% for the allowable charges. Reimbursement amounts may fluctuate between different states. Also one hundred dollars is deductible on a yearly basis for the Medicare Part B supplement. Medicare claims are usually settled within a 30 day period. To be on the safe side you may wish to complete a Medicare pre approval form ahead of time.

Vertical Wheelchair Lift Benefits

When we run across the street to visit a friend we think nothing of the work involved in such a short distance. When we walk around their block we do not even give another thought to the actual event other then the beginning and the end. When we walk up or down a flight of stairs we think nothing of the effort that goes into such an exercise. These tasks are simple and do not even cause a flutter of an eye when we accomplish them however there are members of our community which find such tasks to be extremely challenging and difficult to accomplish.

Physically challenged individuals and our elderly members of society spend a considerable portion of their life in the confines of their wheelchair and have very limited mobility. This creates a very restricted form of mobility unlike ours. These individuals represent the group of people which can benefit the most from specialty transportation equipment like vertical wheelchair lifts, ramps and elevators.

Platform lifts or vertical wheelchair lefts are powered with either hydraulics or electricity. These devices permit a wheelchair constrained individual to be either lowered or to be elevated to a floor level without the need to leave their wheelchair.

These wheelchair lifts comes in a selection of different models that include the following:

An enclosed Model:

With this particular model wheelchair lift the chair as well and the occupant can remain on atop a platform with walls enclosing them as they moves up and down. This specific lift is particularly practical for using outdoors where the safety of the occupant may be of concern due to the weather conditions.

A Shaft way Model:

With this type of wheelchair lift one can easily fit with the confines of any walls. It is very similar to the typical elevator. It proves useful in both the residential home environment and in the public establishments.

A Stage Model:

This noteworthy lift model only features a platform. It regularly is used for shorter height situations such as those found on a stage are for entering and exiting vehicles or as an elevator.

An Opal Model:

Although this model of left is similar to enclosed models which have platforms which encloses the wall it however features an open type ceiling.

Either the vertical lifts or the platform lifts may be utilized in diverse locations as explained below.

Vertical platform lifts provide wheelchair bound individuals a means of improving their entering and exiting of their homes due to the fact that these devices permit them to be carefully hoisted from the ground level up to their elevated porches.

Within an academic environment these lifts can be installed to provide an access for physically challenged students, the staff, the faculty and the institute’s visitors when entering the auditorium stage area or any elevated platforms.

Although many large public structures have elevators installed they many times can not carry wheelchairs thus they still install vertical lifts for those people with special physical requirements. Additionally older type buildings have smaller areas where space is limited for accommodating ramps. As such this problem centering on space contributes greatly to the use of the vertical lift rather than with the space hungry ramps.

The vertical lifts are of significant use to those people who demonstrate physical limitations. With these devices the people experience a fuller lifestyle filled with considerable activity and a greater independence or simple vegetating in one place and leading a boring existence. Whether these devices are installed within ones home or in public buildings the vertical lift will make a noteworthy change in the daily lives of these people.

Salvaging your Independence with Portable Power Wheelchairs

There are thousands of individuals who experience fresh disabilities yearly due to health conditions, surgery or accidents. These misfortunes result in traumatic changes within the person’s life style including the loss their independence as well as their physical mobility. Should you be one of these people then a portable powered wheelchair can assist you in regaining your lost freedom.

Years ago those people who required motorized wheelchairs had to purchase the chair with their personal funds. The Insurance companies refused to reimburse these people for those medical devices. Similarly Medicaid and Medicare also failed to approve the funds for these purchases.

This situation has now changed. With the new benefit provisions of the insurance companies today most will pay for these vital pieces of equipment. In addition, many government healthcare agencies will finance a noteworthy portion of the cost for people with chronic and disabling health conditions.

There are many people that are eligible for the power wheelchairs. Those applications from people who may experience the peril of falling or that may be shaky on their feet usually are approved without question by the insurance organizations. Should you encounter breathing ailments as emphysema it is certain that you may be approved. Those individuals who suffer from muscular diseases or arthritis frequently receive the necessary assistance for the purchase of a wheelchair.

As soon as you receive your benefit approval from your health care provider you may begin researching and looking for a chair of your choice. If you are the type of person who enjoys traveling or you like to be active then a portable wheelchair may be your best solution. Portable chairs run on battery packs and can usually go for up to 15 miles prior to being recharged.

The portable wheelchair is well suited for the college bound student who desires to be independent in getting from one side of the campus to the other while pursuing their education. Often times these young people who are wheelchair dependent possess disabilities which would preclude wheeling themselves around. Since these chairs are battery powered they are no longer reliant upon caregivers or other students to push them around the campus.

The speed of powered wheelchairs is generally from four and up to eight mph. Some are capable of climbing curbs or perhaps navigating riders along winding or narrow routes. Most portable chairs are reasonably priced, ranging approximately around $1,200. Due to the number of companies which offer these chairs for sale the competition has created various incentives being offered for you to purchase their chair. These offers can include things like best price guarantee or warranties on the frames and the various electronics components.

Through the help of technology disabled people have the opportunity to remain independent through the use of portable powered wheelchairs. If you happen to be a disabled person don’t let your disability interfere with your chances of realizing your dreams.

The Rules Of Etiquette with Wheelchair Users

As a group, the wheelchair users are always receiving long stares or funny type looks. Usually those unfamiliar with wheelchairs will begin to act weird or funny when around those who use wheelchairs.

To avoid such occurrences from happening people should generally learn the particular rules for etiquette when they interact with those people confined in a wheelchair. To locate this information you merely have to perform an internet search to discover everything you may want to know concerning the subject.

The initial rule concerning etiquette when you’re interacting with these people in a wheelchair or a power chair is to keep in mind not to focus upon their disability. Focus instead on the person themselves. An additional rule concerning etiquette is during the process of shaking their hands. In the event the wheelchair person has limited use of his limbs, this simple gesture will create a leisure tone for the social interaction which will provide a feeling of ease.

An important rule to consider is that you should never rock the wheelchair nor lean on it. An electric or manual chair may appear as an inanimate object only but the truth of the matter is their chair is just as much a part of them as your arm or your leg is to you.

Remember to speak to the wheelchair user as you would anyone else. They are no different then any other person. Other rules may apply and these include permitting children to ask a question concerning people in a wheelchair. Since curiosity is a normal occurrence in children this open communications will assist in avoiding fear and getting the wrong attitude.

It’s not difficult to hold a conversation with someone who is confined in a wheelchair. Often those people who aren’t confined in a wheelchair have questions or issues concerning the interaction with someone in the wheelchair. There are certain rules of etiquette which do exist. Simply by completing a search of the internet one can discover all that is needed to know concerning how to interact with anyone who may be using a motorized or manual wheelchair. As in other interactions in life etiquette represents a great skill when interacting with handicapped people.

The Right Wheelchair for Your Child

The modern wheelchair will come in a variety of diverse sizes and shapes depending upon the purchasers specific requirements. When choosing a child’s chair it can be very problematic as there are countless variables which need to be taken into consideration. Here I have outlines a few tips for which I hope you can use when selecting a child’s wheelchair.

Assess your child’s Specific requirements

One of the most significant factors for the selection of a child’s wheelchair rests firmly in the specific requirements of the specific child. Several questions are quickly brought to mind such as what condition is the child’s general health, or does the child need considerable physical support. Are they very active? When considering the type of chair to obtain for the child each of these questions will impact the particular type of chair for which you will need as well as the features which you will want to incorporate in the selected chair.

An example would be with the electric chairs which are extremely sophisticated. These chairs are not only controlled by a joystick type device but also provide adjustment of things such as the seating position with a mere touch of the buttons. This is a useful feature for a child which may get pressure sores or may need to have their seat adjusted frequently to remain comfortable.

The use of the joystick feature during the wheelchair operation will provide a sense of independence to the child who is suffering from limited mobility. Consequently for the child who has considerable upper body mobility that does not actually need head or back support then the manual wheelchair may be a better choice.

The lightweight sports models are extremely maneuverable even by hand, and provide an active child with tools to enable them to contribute fully in the majority of physical activities including many sports. They are lightweight and very simple to transport contrasting with the electric chair models which are very heavy and can’t be folded and quickly positioned in a vehicle trunk.

Make sure that you use extreme caution when you are purchasing a child’s wheelchair.

It stands to reason that the price will not be the most important factor when you are considering a wheelchair which best matches your child. The main point here is that it meets the child’s needs as completely as possible while achieving the most mobility for them that they can get.

When considering a child’s wheelchair should you consider the need for a power chair, the motor must be sufficiently powerful so as to carry your child through their day at sufficient speeds to maintain the same pace as their peers. This is particularly important when they are running or playing and it must have battery charging duration sufficient that one would not have to recharge it more than once daily.

Of equal importance is the understanding that the child must be able to safely maneuver the wheelchair properly so that he or she does not injure themselves or others. As with any other powered vehicle type the powered wheelchair is not some sort of toy and should be treated with respect to avoid injury.

Today many of the child wheelchairs will have the ability of the chair to grow and expand as your child begins to grow. As an example you could begin with lower speed controls for your child and as he grows you could exchange these controls for different powerful ones.

Purchasing your child wheelchair

Since a wheelchair is considered a medical device it is normal to realize that they are not cheap especially the electric versions. Even the manual chairs can easily run approximately $2000 dollars and up while the electric chairs are considerably more expensive. Due to the cost of these items should you be unable to pay for one there are several programs in effect that help you to obtain one which will best fit your child’s needs regardless of your financial status.

If you are interested in further information on these programs feel free to contact a wheelchair manufacture and they will happy assist you and at the same time help you complete any of the formalities necessary in order to obtain a chair for your child.

Wheelchair Bound Tools

It is to be expected that many wheelchair bound people would require some extra help in the performance of their daily tasks. These duties can range from cooking a simple meal to the act of taking a simple shower. With the increased technology coupled with the design engineer’s great imagination these wheelchair users are beginning to discover many gadgets on the market which can assist them in the everyday tasks which most of us take for granted. Should you are a loved one or friend be seeking this sort of information you can begin your quest with a careful search of the internet.

Since the wheelchair users require help when they are attempting to perform minor tasks which the internet offers them a great opportunity for locating what may benefit them and their particular life style.

Since the most difficult part of being physically challenged is the very act of obtaining a shower those individuals who are handicapped may find refuge in the site since it offers many optional accessories such as accommodating shower chairs, etc. People who are bound to their wheelchairs will surely feel a bit more comfortable knowing that there are websites that are accumulating information and products in order to create better lives for them.

Some websites offers links relating to the physically challenged individuals as well as their families and friends concerning topics that can aid them towards achieve a more comfortable life. Some even presents products for those people who may have difficulties in grooming themselves.

For those people dependent upon wheelchairs for their mobility this website tries to make life a little less complicated. For the person who is stuck in a wheelchair from morning to night life can be a bit difficult, however with the help of the internet the person can find as much assistance and help as they would require.

You can readily locate many items of interest for the wheelchair confined person that would make their life better. Becoming a self-reliant person again has never been easier for the wheelchair user then now

Disadvantages of the Manual Wheelchair

To those people who are challenged physically the debate continues to rage over the power wheelchair versus the manual wheelchairs. Although the point is not they type of wheelchair that the person has chosen but rather the fact that the chairs are available. Since wheelchair now come in such diverse selection of styles it has become exceedingly difficult for a person to select one that properly fits their lifestyle. With such a diverse amount of information readily available on the net, a person can easily do all their necessary research on both manual and electric wheelchairs prior to purchasing one.

An interesting note is that manual wheelchairs do in fact have benefits over their electric counterparts that one may not imagine. They are lightweight whereas the electric ones are heavy. This may be a significant selling point for those people who lack body strength necessary for some chairs. They are simpler to maneuver and even though the electric power chairs can move by themselves there is the chance that perhaps the battery may die. One of the major advantages of the manual chair is that it can go virtually anywhere. A person in the wheelchair should not be concerned with whether the terrain is uneven or bumpy as they would if they had a power chair.

The major disadvantages of the manual wheelchairs have to do with ones upper body. Although the exercise may be good for the people who push themselves over a period of time the same motion continually can eventually lead to injury. Another disadvantage of a manual chair is that the tires will need to be inflated regularly. A variety of factors must be properly considered prior to a person choosing between a power chair and a manual version.

The manual chairs may not come with all the fancy accessories that the power wheelchairs tend to offer for the handicapped individuals however they can be cheaper and a bit more efficient than their bulky power chairs alternatives. Some insurance providers may not cover the motorized chair and if that is the case it makes the selection all the simpler. It doesn’t matter that a person has to choose between the motorized or manual chair the fact of importance is that they do have the choose. Wheelchairs have tended to move toward greater machines when compared with the original three wheelers of past years and as the choices broaden so much for the better.