Dysgraphia is caused by a sort of dysfunction of the nervous system, in other words, brain disorder. Dysgraphia may exist in two forms- specific and non-specific. A person might be mentally retarded, having less attendance in the school or be psycho-socially deprived. These may add up to non-specific Dysgraphia, whereas specific Dysgraphia results from coordination problems and lack of spelling and language skills.

The term ‘depression’ is variedly used and understood. When we see someone who was a cheerful fellow sink into melancholy and lose interest in most of the things what he does, the obvious conclusion is that the fellow is ‘depressed’. Depression, in other words, is a state wherein a person undergoes a sudden loss of interest in what he or she enjoyed earlier.

Such a person carries around a rather sad look on his face and his body language consistently suggests lack of human warmth. At times, the affected person might not even be aware of his condition.

Among other things that are symptomatic of depression is an irregular sleep pattern. A person who is reeling under depression would fail to have a regular sound sleep. A normal person would sleep for around 7 or 8 hours a day, while a depressed person may fail to sleep even for a few hours. He or she would either keep awake the whole night or would keep rising every hour or so. At times, the person may sleep all through the day and may stay awake the whole night.

Appetite changes are also noticed. Some would stop eating while some would turn into walking, talking gluttons. This means some people would gain weight while others would shed some. Among adults, loss of libido is also symptomatic of depression.

A depressed person fails to concentrate on work and may be easily provoked. Adults tend to lose interest in work and prefer seclusion while children may stop playing and turn very quiet and lost.

A dip in self-esteem is often noticed, which causes isolation. And isolation tends to worsen the problem. The depressed people tend to cry for no reason at all. This is because they feel sad deep inside and cry out of helpless. If a child is depressed, he or she might throw unreasonable tantrums and expect you to do meet his utterly unreasonable demands. When someone is depressed everything appears dark and pointless. He or she has a very negative take on life and is utterly hopeless towards the future.

Depression can manifest itself in physical pains like body pain, headache etc. Problems like constipation, joint pain and tiredness are also associated with depression.

If one or more of the above symptoms are noticed, it is better that a psychiatric help is sought at the earliest because depression can get more intense, and may also become life threatening in certain cases.